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Its All In The Details

Smooth delivery of your new units is where you will really notice the difference. From our environmentally controlled warehouse where we ensure your order is packaged to your exact specifications, to the final setup and cleanup, we think of all the details so the installation causes as little disruption to your organization as possible.


Are you tight on storage for your new units before they’re ready for use? No problem. RTI will house all the units in our environmentally controlled facility until you’re ready to receive them. RTI will work directly with a designated contact to coordinate a smooth delivery, regardless of the size or complexity of the order. Once the units arrive at our configuration center, we verify all equipment by visual inspection, packing slip, weight and count, and notify the appropriate contacts of any order discrepancies or damages.

Units can be palletized to address space constraints, as well as consolidated into per unit packaging for re-shipment. If you’re looking to have a laser engraved notebook inside an embroidered case with a branded flash drive, we can assemble all the components into one ready-to-use package, saving you valuable time when your shipment arrives. A smooth delivery is key to a successful deployment. That’s why we take the time to think through all the details and create solutions before any problems occur.



This is where RTI really makes it easy. We’ll unpack all the units at the user’s work space, verify the product serial numbers against the shipping list, check the external condition of the unit and set up the computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. We’ll then re-connect any peripheral devises such as printers and scanners.

Once the system is set up, we’ll connect to the existing network, perform final system tests and de-install existing system components. We’ll also transfer up to 1GB of existing data to the new system. When we’re finished, the end-user is fully ready to work on the new system we even clean up after ourselves and dispose of the packaging. We can also leave the existing hardware onsite or move it elsewhere either onsite or offsite.



For those customers looking for the fully interactive classroom or workplace, RTI also provides professional installation of interactive whiteboards and projectors, with or without audio. RTI has extensive experience installing this technology in schools and businesses across the country. The first step in a standard installation process is a site survey, including a questionaire to identify site contacts and logistical issues for each of the customers sites. During the site survey, RTI, with the help of the customer, will collect all the details needed for the installation, including the size of the Whiteboard, position, existing wall composition and features, height from the floor, internet connection point, ceiling type and features, and cable lengths—right down to the color of the existing face plate and whether or not the room has blinds. Plus we’ll complete the installation so it’s up to local building and safety codes.

The projector or SMART Board installation process has several steps, including:

  • Unpacking and inspecting all materials for shipping damage, and reporting any damage to designated customer contact
  • Installing the projector or SMART Board at the designated location and according to the manufacturer’s suggested requirements
  • Running all cables either above a drop tile ceiling or through a raceway to a junction box
  • Testing basic function (power on) of the projector or SMART Board, including centering and adjusting the projector image onto the board
  • Moving excess packaging material and construction debris to an on-site disposal location—we even clean up after ourselves and dispose of the packaging. We can also leave the existing hardware onsite or move it elsewhere either onsite or offsite