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Industry Solutions


Globalization and competition and made running a large business more complex than ever. Tight cost controls in a global marketplace can mean limited resources for I.T.  RTI can assist to minimize cost while providing you the ability to be more flexible and agile, both necessary to survive. Enterprise and Managed solutions for RTI will help you to develop long and short term I.T. strategies to keep you competitive in a global marketplace.


Small and Medium Business

Small and medium sized businesses are the backbone of our economy and RTI wants to be your trusted partner.  Whether you have a online store or traditional brick and mortar many of the challenges are the same. Reporting, software and security updates, incident reporting and system deployment are cumbersome and take away from the time necessary to run your business. Let RTI show you our Managed Solutions and help you build your business.

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Education Solutions

Students are learning differently these days, the processes are fundamentally changing. Teachers are using technologies in the classroom to facilitate and enhance the learning process.  Interactive and educational helps to personalize the learning experience.  RTI can assist to design, integrate and manage the classroom learning experience and simplify the process for you at the same time.

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Higher Education

Higher Education is about career readiness in an every changing and competitive work place. It is important for colleges and universities to provide the tools and environment necessary for students to have access to learning anywhere, anytime, on almost any device. Administrators and instructors are being called upon to engage their students in a non-traditional way.  RTI is here to help… a dedicated team to create, manage and simplify your I.T. environment.

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Federal Government

As a trusted partner of government agencies, RTI understands your budgets, your complex requirements including compliance and security.  Each agency requires a different approach to identify the right technology solution and we take that case by case. RTI has a proven track record working with federal agencies and can help to provide better government efficiency through technology.


State and Local Government

State and Local Governments need a trusted partner now more than ever.  With budgets becoming tighter and tighter it is important to prioritize and have long and short term strategic I.T. goals.  It is important to find affordable ways to maintain the day-to-day, while you transition away from outdated equipment that has a higher cost of ownership.  RTI offers Enterprise and Managed solutions to decrease your total cost of ownership and provide the support needed.

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