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Make Everything Work

Once you have your computer hardware, RTI can save your IT department countless hours and headaches by imaging the hard drives or creating asset tags for tracking and inventory control. It is our goal to make the integration process as seamless as possible.


Each system’s hard drive is loaded to the exact specifications you provide, regardless if they’re all the same or specific to each system. The units are ready to be used out of the box&mdash saving you valuable hours (and headaches).

RTI images the hard drive of each unit based on images and licensing you supply. An RTI CIS technician creates a pilot system, as follows:

The image is validated using any supplied passwords as necessary

The HDD is booted, and an automated test suite is added that validates the hardware and confirms there are no failures

Customer Sysprep is then applied

The custom image is uploaded to an imaging server

Once the pilot system is approved, the custom image is ready to be cloned onto each ordered system

Cloned systems are tested and staged in an RTI enviromentally controlled warehouse



Easily inventory and track all of your new units. RTI will label each system with an identification tag. All of these tags are then detailed on a report that includes any information you’d like to keep track of such as:

  • Bar code number (asset tag number)
  • Computer Manufacturer
  • Model number
  • Serial number
  • Date received
  • Contact information
  • Purchase order number

RTI will provide the asset tag, which can be selected from a variety of options. Once a tag is selected, it is permanently applied to the back or side of each unit. The tag typically includes the organization name and a barcode matching a readable asset tag number. Asset tag reports can capture any relevant information you would like to include. RTI can also attach an asset tag to the outside of the shipping carton to make tracking even easier. Not only do these asset tags make tracking the cartons simple, they also act as a theft deterrent because every unit is accounted for along every step of the way.