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Learning Comes Alive

Encourages students to explore and experiment in a tangible way

AR glasses

Augmented & Virtual Reality

Provides hands-on learning and delivers mixed reality learning experiences

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Aligned with Curriculum

Includes hundreds of activities that teachers can easily integrate into their curriculum

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Focused on STEM Subjects

Helps students construct understanding of concepts across multiple curriculum areas

The Future Is Here

With engaging AR and VR capabilities, zSpace makes learning come alive. Students can create their own experiments, troubleshoot faulty circuits, explore atomic models, design new objects, and so much more. The lifelike experiences encourage students to ask questions, take risks, and solve problems. It allows students to interact and engage in learning like never before.

Customized Training

With all the capabilities that zSpace has to offer, we want to ensure teachers and instructors can take full advantage of the many applications and activities. Our zSpace experts walk teachers through the numerous applications and demonstrate how to operate the system. Our goal is to make sure zSpace fits the learning needs of students and teachers.

Available Learning Applications

Each zSpace system includes a suite of learning applications with the option to purchase more. The standard applications allow students to dissect, analyze, measure, and explore thousands of 3D models; create, customize, and prepare digital objects for 3D printing; and engage in math concepts related to three-dimensional topics. 

Beyond Education

zSpace welding


zSpace has so much opportunity beyond education. It can provide hands-on 3D visualization for a variety of different businesses. From design and architecture to welding and auto, zSpace technology can provide valuable training and insight for all types of organizations and businesses. Curious if your business could benefit from zSpace? Talk to one of our experts today!

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