RTI White Papers

The RTI White Papers are filled with the expertise you need to keep your company running securely and efficiently. We explore a variety of topics, present problems, find solutions, share best practices, and strive to educate our readers. We hope you find our white papers interesting, educational, and useful.

Having a Proactive Disaster Recovery Plan

When a data center outage occurs, organizations are at risk of losing vital data, which can cause irreparable damage. Having a disaster recovery plan is essential for protecting an organization and minimizing data loss, especially considering only 6% of companies survive after suffering a catastrophic data loss.

Benefits of Managed Print White Paper

When it comes to mitigating risk, organizations often overlook a major security threat—printers. This is a costly mistake to make as unsecured printers can put an entire organization at risk. Learn more about the threat of unsecured printers and the benefits that managed print services can offer.

Hybrid IT White Paper

Hybrid IT provides the speed and flexibility that companies need to thrive in an ever-changing, digital world. The right mix of hybrid IT will help drive a business forward and allow an organization to quickly respond to new opportunities. Learn more about the benefits of hybrid IT and the best practices to follow when implementing this model.

Benefits of Managed Services White Paper

Managed services is a tailored solution in which a third-party contractor provides information technology tasks for another organization. Learn about the benefits of managed services and attributes to look for in a managed service provider!

Cybersecurity White Paper

Cybercrime is the fastest-growing crime in the United States, and it is one of the biggest challenges that organizations must face. With the developing complexity of technology and the overwhelming number of attacks, taking proactive steps to protect and secure your company’s data is essential. Learn about the major cyber threats targeting organizations and the steps you can take to protect your organization!