Business Technology Budgets in 2019

As we look forward to a new year, it’s important for organizations to stay up to date on technology trends for the upcoming year. If we take a look at business technology budget trends, 89% opens in a new window of companies expect their IT budget to grow or stay the same in 2019. The biggest driver of IT budget increases in 2019 is the need to upgrade outdated IT infrastructure. While many larger enterprises are focusing on increasing their security and cloud budgets, many smaller businesses are focusing on increasing their hardware budget.

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Business Technology Trends in 2019

For businesses to stay ahead of the curve in a digital world, they must keep up with technology trends. Although businesses may not benefit from every new technology, it’s still important to stay aware of what is out there. The 2019 State of IT Report predicted that the technology trends expected to have the biggest impact on businesses in 2019 include IT automation technology, IoT, Wi-Fi networking, artificial intelligence (AI), serverless computing, and hyperconverged infrastructure.

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Security Solutions

For many business, security is a growing concern, which is why many organizations are starting to get serious about security solutions. The majority of IT professionals (59%) believe employee security training tools (end user security awareness and testing) is the most effective solution to prevent security incidents. Other security solutions include breach detection systems (37%) and anti-ransomware solutions (37%). – 2019 State of IT Report opens in a new window

Hybrid IT

Organizations are starting to realize that no single platform—private cloud, public cloud, or traditional IT—can handle today’s data and diverse apps. For many businesses, a mix of workloads running in public, private, and hybrid environments is the most efficient solution. It’s essential for organizations to find the most efficient platform for their workloads and to ensure a seamless, secure, fast, and reliable interaction between the different platforms. 


Not surprisingly, small businesses are slower to adopt emerging tech than larger enterprises. Bigger businesses generally have more resources and funds to try emerging tech, such as AI, blockchain, and edge computing. In addition, highly regulated industries, such as finance, are also more likely to adopt emerging tech and security solutions to protect their network and data. While some larger enterprises and financial organizations have implemented blockchain technology, overall the adoption of blockchain-enabled tech has been slow. As more organizations explore the potential of blockchain, this technology will likely pick up traction.

Data, Machine Learning, and AI

Data, data, data. Data is essential for helping companies make educated decisions about their services, products, strategy, and more. Huge amounts of data are constantly being generated from a variety of different sources. Shockingly, over the last two years, we have created 90% of the world’s data opens in a new window. In addition, research shows that we are only using 1% of the data effectively. As organizations try to make sense of all the data they are collecting, they will increasingly turn to the improved processing power of machine learning and AI.

IoT and The Edge

In addition to AI and machine learning, other technology buzzwords you’ve probably heard recently include IoT and the Edge. The Internet of Things (IoT) is the network of connected devices that can transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. As the number of these connected devices continues to grow, organizations will need more space to capture and process the data. This means that edge computing will be a big trend, as it allows data to be processed in real-time.

Managed Services

As organizations strive for efficiency, scalability, and flexibility with their technology and workloads, more businesses will turn to the as-a-Service industry. From managed services to managed print services, more organizations are finding these options desirable and beneficial.
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2019 State of IT Report

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Date Posted: 11/29/18
Date Last Updated: 6/14/19

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