Bluetooth linked to your brain. No need to pair your phone to your car, just pair yourself! Imagine getting text, graphics, voice, and video sent to your brain. The possibilities for helping those impaired or injured are infinite. It’s very early in its development and will have a ton of regulatory hurdles and testing ahead.  I look forward to when this technology becomes reality.

bluetooth brain

Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are on the horizon. Just last week I drove 600 miles in a car; I turned on the Lane Departure Warning System and went about my trip. Soon I heard a warning sound and saw a graphic on the dash that told me that I was too close to the yellow line. Not only does it warn you of lane departure, this mode applies brakes to bring the vehicle back into your lane. Amazing technology! This system also tracks the distance between you and the car or truck in front and applies brakes to slow you down. I tried to let go of the wheel of a short distance to see how the car would react. Soon it warned me that I had taken my hands off the steering wheel and to return them to the wheel. I did not and soon the brakes were applied to slow the vehicle. 

The day of leaning back and taking a nap while the car drives is still far off, but not that far!

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare

Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare. There may not be a better use of the data that we produce and collect in the Healthcare industry today. Imagine being able to use the data that we provide on a typical wellness visit, including the normal blood workups, and pair that with latest advances in genetic testing to formulate a health plan. This type of data-founded healthcare could allow doctors to more accurately treat current health problems and may help prevent health issues that only have a probability of happening in the future based on your genetic background. The ability to prevent rather than treat is a great use of technology and resources.

Looking Ahead

More to come as these areas mature.

In the meantime, eat your vegetables!

Date Posted: 7/26/19
Date Last Updated: 8/2/19

By: Rico Ohmerro- Grew up in the Midwest. Prefers ranches to urban settings. On the fence about electric cars. Mother Nature and compounding interest are the two largest forces in the world. Worked in the IT industry for 26 years. Author, comedian, volunteer and part time thespian. The only music is live music. German, Irish, Catholic that made it out.

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