Protecting Your Laptop Investment

Laptops are an expensive investment. Plus when you depend on your laptop for school or work, you can’t afford to have a damaged, lost, or broken device. Whether you’re commuting to work, walking to class, or traveling for business, your laptop withstands tough conditions with constant bumps and falls. Taking proactive steps is essential when it comes to protecting your laptop from theft and damages.

Use a Laptop Bag

From cases to backpacks, there are a variety of options for protecting your laptop while on the go. Be sure to choose a bag that has a dedicated laptop compartment for the size of your device. Your laptop should fit snugly inside the dedicated compartment to ensure it doesn’t jostle around in your bag. You’ll want a bag made with sturdy, rugged material so it stands up to tough conditions. A bag with cheap zippers or flimsy material won’t last long and won’t provide adequate protection. Many bags also come with additional storage for accessories, which can be a really nice perk when you’re on the go.

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Use a Hard-Shell Case

You can also choose to use a hard-shell case. Similar to hard cases for your phone, these cases offer form-fitting protection for your laptop. It’s important to choose a case that’s made of quality material and one that’s designed to fit your specific device.


Get a Screen Protector

The screen is one of the most vulnerable parts of a device. Using a screen protector will help prevent scratches and hopefully extend the life of your device. Plus, a screen protector will help keep your device free of dust and smudges.

screen protector

Get a Laser-Engraved Logo

Did you know you can get your logo laser engraved on your laptop? A great option for schools or companies with numerous laptops to keep track of and protect, laser-engraved logos often deter theft and protect your investment. As an added bonus, the logo makes a last impression and promotes your brand.

laser engraving

Tips While Traveling

Before you travel, it’s important to ensure your laptop is properly protected. There are a few steps you can take for protection including:

  • Setting up a strong password
  • Encrypting your hard drive
  • Backing up your data
  • Making sure your software and antivirus are up to date
  • Using a virtual private network (VPN) to encrypt your data.
laptop travel

By taking a few steps, you can protect your laptop from theft and damage. Plan ahead, never leave your laptop unattended, and choose a good case! RTI offers a variety of durable bags and cases that are designed to offer utmost protection for your device. Check them out!

Date Posted: 6/26/18
Date Last Updated: 6/4/19

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