The Importance of Backing Up Your Data

Whether you’re a school, small business, hospital, or law firm, backing up your data is crucial for the success of your organization. A backup is a copy of your information stored someplace other than on your computer or device. Having backups ensures you can recover your data if a disaster occurs.

Hard drives can fail, natural disasters can strike, and cybercrime can corrupt your data at the most inconvenient time. If your data isn’t backed up and you only have 1 copy of your data, you are leaving your organization susceptible to data loss. The 3-2-1 backup strategy is a best practice that will help prevent data loss.

What is the 3-2-1 Backup Strategy?

When it comes to backup and recovery, using the 3-2-1 strategy is best. Following this strategy will be very beneficial during disaster recovery efforts.

3. Create 3 copies of your data

In addition to the original copy, you should always have at least 2 backups of your data.

Create 3 copies of your data

2. Keep the backed-up data on 2 different storage devices

Keeping your data on different storage devices is best because the chance of 2 different storage devices failing at the same time is slim. If you have data stored on your internal hard drive, you should also keep a copy stored on a secondary storage device, such as the cloud, an external hard drive, or a private server.

Keep the backed-up data on 2 different storage devices

1. Store 1 copy of the data offsite

Now that you have 3 copies of your data backed up on 2 different storage devices, you need to store 1 copy of the data offsite. By storing 1 copy of your data offsite, you’ll eliminate the chance of a local disaster like a flood or fire destroying all the copies of your data.

Store 1 copy of the data offsite

Another important step is to regularly test your backups to ensure they are working properly. If you have questions about backing up your data, call the experts at RTI! We have years of experience and understand data backup best practices, as well as how to achieve compliance related to data.

Date Posted: 8/7/18
Date Last Updated: 6/10/19

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