The Threat of Unsecured Printers

With cybercrime on the rise around the world, many companies are taking the proper steps to mitigate risk for their network and workstations. However, many organizations often overlook printers, which can be a major security threat. According to HP, 78% of IT pros opens in a new window in North America don’t recognize printers as a security risk, although it’s estimated that 165 million printers are vulnerable to a cyberattack.

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An unsecured printer can put an entire network and organization at risk. Attackers can place malware on a printer and then steal data, compromising an entire network. Printers are the source of an increasing number of security threats. With the average cost of a data breach totaling $3.86 million opens in a new window, an unsecured printer just isn’t worth the risk.

The solution? Organizations need to take proactive steps to secure their printers for the overall protection of their company.

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager

Security is a constantly changing landscape, and hackers are always looking for new entry points onto the network. This is why it’s recommended that organizations use defense tactics like HP JetAdvantage Security Manager. As the most comprehensive printing security solution on the market, it secures an organization’s network and continually monitors their fleet to ensure printers remain in compliance with their print policy.

Secure Your Fleet

HP JetAdvantage Security Manager process

With HP JetAdvantage Security Manager, organizations can easily establish a fleet-wide security policy, protect their workflow and data, and ensure compliance. 

  • Create Policy: You can follow the provided policy template and baseline approach for securing a common enterprise printing environment, or you can easily tailor your policy to meet specific policy requirements. Plus, you can modify your security policies to meet changing company needs, industry standards, or regulations. 
  • Connect Devices: Add devices through auto-discovery, by importing a .txt or .xml file, or with the HP Instant-on Security feature.
  • Proactive Compliance: With ongoing monitoring and assessments, automated remediation, and built-in reporting, HP Security Manager makes it easy to strengthen compliance and reduce risk. 
  • Certificate Management: Certificates are important for protecting information to and from your devices, but installing certificates can be time-consuming. HP Security Manager can help streamline this process by deploying unique identity certificates across your fleet. Plus, it continuously monitors the certificates to ensure they remain valid and automatically replaces expired certificates.
HP JetAdvantage Security Manager benefits

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Want to learn more about HP JetAdvantage Security Manager and if it could contribute toward your overall IT security strategy? Give the experts at RTI a call! We will listen to your organizations unique needs and find the best solution for your specific requirements. We can also help ensure your data and documents are secure with our managed print solution!

Date Posted: 4/18/19
Date Last Updated: 6/17/19

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